Access information about the safe crushing and dissolving of medications for care recipients who experience difficulty swallowing. Available online with a subscription to MedeHealth’s staff development platform or available as an App for iPhone, iPad, Android and tablet devices.


  • Do you care for someone who has difficulty swallowing?
  • Are you giving your staff the tools to ensure the safe alteration and handling of medicines?

MedeCrush has got you covered

Developed by consultant pharmacists to provide a quick resource for up to date information about the safe crushing and dissolving of oral medicines, MedeCrush gives you clear information about administering tablets and capsules for people living with dysphagia. It's fast, easy to use and available now for iPhone, iPad, Android and tablet devices.

For aged care providers, Guiding Principle 16 from the publication Guiding Principles for Medication Management in Residential Aged Care Facilities states that aged care facilities should ensure that their staff administering medicines should know which oral medicines can and cannot be altered (e.g. crushed or dissolved), including any special conditions relating to the alteration or administration of specific medicines. Use MedeCrush to tick that box and ensure compliance.

  • Search for medications by brand or generic name
  • Ideal for tablet devices that are kept with medication trolleys during medication rounds
  • Complies with Guiding Principle 16
  • Protects care rcipients from inappropriate crushing and poor health outcomes
  • Protects nurses and care workers from medicines which are hazardous when crushed
  • Suggests alternative products where available
  • Suggests appropriate procedures for preparing medications for administration via PEG
  • Regularly updated


Watch a short video about MedeCrush


Available for A$19.99 from the Apple App and Google Play stores

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